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Dear Friends,
The Magic Hero Sax Bear and I are very happy to present to you the new edition of “Sax Bear Book”®️ for saxophone and piano. Included
you will find some of the best Russian musical works. The book is meant for young saxophonists, students at all levels, and musicians of all ages seeking to teach themselves. On the enclosed CD, all of the saxophone pieces are accompanied by the great pianist, Andrey Shibko, professor at Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatory.


Each work is carefully chosen among masterpieces of Russian music, as well as among compositions of talented contemporary composers. The arrangements on the CD are perfectly performed with careful consideration for tonality, harmony, technique, and beauty of sonority and expression. In addition, there are marvelously recorded piano-only tracks for more
effective and enjoyable self-practicing.


“Sax Bear Book”® helps you build a strong professional foundation, including musicality, tone quality, and artistry. Practicing, which is essential for your professional growth, will become rewarding and pleasurable.


I wish you success and enjoyment in your musical development!

Sincerely yours,
Sergey Kolesov


• V. Kalinnikov. A sad song

• P. Tchaykovskiy. Polka

• A. Khachaturian. Andantino

• I. Dunaevskiy. Lullaby

• M. Glinka. Polka

• M. Glinka. The lark

• A. Borodin. Polovtsian dances

• A. Grechaninov. Mazurka

• P. Thaykovskiy. Sweet dream

• I. Shiltzeva. Romance

• P. Tchaykovskiy. A sad song

• N. Rakov. Allegro Scherzando

• M. Petrenko. Etude

• N. Rimskiy-Korsakov. A song of a Queen of Shemakha

• I. Shiltzeva. A bumblebee at weekends

Sax Bear Book contains:

• 3 books (Piano part, Saxophone in ES, Saxophone in B) 
• CD disk with recording of all works from the Book (Sergey Kolesov - saxophone, Andrey Shibko - piano)
• CD disk with piano part for self practicing

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