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Sergey Kolesov' saxophone school in «Slavic Kremlin» is a new national musical educational project created together with the famous Russian traveler and reseacher Vitaliy Sundakov.

«Slavic Kremlin» is a unique historical complex reconstructed by Vitaliy Sundakov for “renaissance” and support of aincent Russian traditions, slavic customs and truly Russian culture.

We are creating a new approach to the musical education. One of the main purpose of “Forest saxophone school” is to form and to improve musical personality in the “codes” of Russian ancient culture.

Forest saxophone school

In "Slavic Kremlin"

International saxophone competition "PushkinSax"

International saxophone competition "Pushkinsax" is the biggest saxophone competition in Russia. In 2017 the contest got together 90 participants from different countries. Jury members were represented by outstanding great musicians, professors, international soloists: Jean-Denis Michat, Alain Crepin, Yuriy Vorontsov, Alexei Volkov, Lilija Russanowa, Wang Youwei and many others.

Sergey Kolesov' saxophone school Branches in Russian regions. 

Saxophone schools in Russia

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