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The magical hero Sax Bear returns and brings you the sequel to his "musical story" for saxophone and piano "Sax Bear Book II" ®. This edition contains the best examples of Russian music of different times, genres, and styles, most of which has never before been published. These materials are intended for all levels of students, from saxophonists early in their studies through those enrolled in higher educational institutions. More...

The Magic Hero Sax Bear and Sergey Kolesov are very happy to present to you the new edition of “Sax Bear Book”®️ for saxophone and piano. Included you will find some of the best Russian musical works. The book is meant for young saxophonists, students at all levels, and musicians of all ages seeking to teach themselves. On the enclosed CD, all of the saxophone pieces are accompanied by the great pianist, Andrey Shibko,
professor at Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatory. More...

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The title of this CD Ritorno, inspired by the Italian word for return, contains a wide range of implied meanings, all of which formed the basis for the selection of compositions presented on this disk. The selection of compositions represents a kind of arch of musical eras whereby in each piece there is a reliance on earlier musical material, rethought in varying degrees by modern-day composers or arrangers. More...

The saxophone is an instrument with a strong individuality and a wide range of expressive potential; however, its development in Russia has not been easy. It has endured a long thorny path towards recognition as a true classical solo instrument. The classical saxophone tradition in Russia is only about 40 years old and is closely connected to the founder of the Russian school, Professor Margarita Shaposhnikova. More...


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